Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Archnophobes Beware!

So after the talk of venomous things yesterday, look what I found in the kitchen sink this morning.

Spider in the sink

It was about 12cm across its legs and was crouching over the balled-up remains of a dead spider. I would like to think it was in mourning, but in reality I know it was probably digesting. I had seen it lurking behind the bathroom a door few days ago, but hadn’t given it much thought. Up close and personal though it looked a bit more aggressive, so I steered clear – although I still gave it a tea-towel to help it climb out of the sink… which it then went and hid in. This evening it wasn’t in sight… until the washing machine started emptying and suddenly it popped out of the drain in the sink to escape the deluge. Hmm… I wonder if there’s a spider identification website out there somewhere to reassure me that it’s actually perfectly safe…

EDIT: OK, so Claire is an arachnophobe and was starting to do the dishes this evening (we like the new lodger, btw!) when she saw it and let out a scream, so the wee beastie was enticed into a glass and transported to the foliage on the far side of the parking area outside the flat.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Imagination Run Riot!

Below is a photograph of the car park underneath Sainsbury’s Merton SavaCentre. You probably can't make it out but outside the car park is a dark brick wall which separates it from the grubbiness of Merton High Street.

Beneath the photo of the car park is the artist’s impression of how it will look after it has been "reinvigorated." Notice how it shows bright new paintwork and lovely new light fittings and a total absence of London beyond. Nice of Sainsburys to demolish all that unsightly urban sprawl so that we can park our cars in England's green and pleasant land while we shop…

Really, will somebody get a grip on those marketing people and reconnect them to reality!



Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
A quick pic of Edinburgh Castle glowing in the evening sunlight. Taken from Princes Street Gardens as I ate my fish and chips...

If you look closely you can just see a platoon of pipers on the terrace warming up ready for the Tattoo.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Ice Bar, Stockholm

The Ice Bar in Stockholm is exactly that; pretty much everything in it is made out of ice. As you enter you are given an arctic parka and a pair of insulated gloves (because the glasses are carved ice!)

The prices are pretty extortionate, which is why this picture is taken from outside, rather than at the bar. (I'm a cheapskate!) Maybe next time.


Stockholm Pride Parade 2005

Gay Bikers lead off the Stockholm Gay Pride parade


There were the usual stunning and/or outrageous costumes





But the most impressive thing about the parade was the number of 'ordinary' people taking part:



and also the number of people watching it go by


The Swedish Armed Forces had a float:



And you can see a shot of what I think is their gay-targetted recruiting poster here:




Sitting in Chokladkoppen, a very gay-friendly cafe in central Stockholm