Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brunch on the South Bank

Brunch on the South Bank
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Jeremy F called last night to see if we fancied doing something today. We still have too much sorting out to do around the house to want to take a day out but we settled on brunch on the South Bank first thing.
I did wonder whether anything would be open at 10am on a Sunday morning but in the end we needn't have worried; the Royal Festival Hall is reopening this weekend after its refurbishment and the riverside was already crowded when we arrived. We were in time to snag an outside table at Giraffe before you had to start queueing for them though and we indulged our hunger whilst watching and listening to a selection of the acts that were being laid on for the occasion. By lunchtime the whole area was packed with people and we were quite glad we had arrived early!
One slightly spooky thing were the statues of people just standing looking down which have been positioned on rooftops all around the area. I recall reading mention of it as some kind of installation art exhibit but it would do equally well as the opening scenes of a Doctor Who adventure; any day now the statues are going to leap from their vantage points and try to take over the world! (After last night's Who episode with the weeping angels - which was by far the most frightening for a while - I really didn't want to take my eyes off them!) If I remember in time I'll take my proper camera along and get some pictures of them next week.