Saturday, April 23, 2005

Cycling in Richmond Park

Today was about cycling. Bruce and I had agreed to take a spin around the Wimbledon Common/Richmond Park area for a bit of exercise. Bruce is new to cycling and I am out of practice so we took it fairly easy but we did manage to do a circuit of the Park without too much effort.
Cycling in Richmond Park

It was overcast with occasional spits of rain, but even so the open space was refreshing and the views were good. We even came across one of the deer herds grazing beside the cycle track – although in typical style, I managed to forget to photograph them for the blog!

We took a break at the Pembroke Lodge where there is a cafeteria and restaurant. The terrace has spectacular views out over the village of Ham and the Thames towards Twickenham – although to be honest all you can see is greenery for miles. There is only the occasional building visible to suggest there is civilisation out there. I’m not sure the impact of the view really comes across in the photograph – I fear you need a much more expensive camera than mine to be able to capture that depth.

Cycling in Richmond Park

The local bird life seemed to enjoy the terrace too as there were a species of black bird that looked related to ravens or crows that kept scavenging scraps from around the tables.

Cycling in Richmond Park

On the way home Bruce proved that modern technology doesn’t let you escape, even in the most idyllic places, as he got a call from his parents.
Cycling in Richmond Park

Apart from that though, we made it home without incident and agreed we should do it again in the weekends to come. I need to get into shape for the London to Brighton Ride anyway, so that would be a good thing!


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