Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's a small world...

It's a small world...

It's amazing who you run into when you go looking for an empty sofa in Costa Coffee. Brett and I had popped in after lunch and who should we end up sitting opposite, but Pam and her daughter.
Pam (her surname still, embarrassingly, escapes me) and I both worked for Saga around the same time; while I was in Spain, she was in Portugal. She also took over from me running one of the Saga Hotels on the Costa Blanca when I left to work in the office. We also tended to run into each other at training sessions in Folkestone during the summer. I think she also did some touring too. It's perhaps indicative of the way that you relate as tour managers - always meeting in (and talking about) hotels, airports and venues - that I never knew she lived in Southfields, just up the road from Wimbledon. Pam is pictured on the left.


At 22:58, Blogger Morris said...

You seem like a ladies man, get many ladies?

Ask Morris


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