Saturday, July 09, 2005

Poker Night II


After a hard day on Thursday, last night we let off some steam; Friday was the night for our monthly poker game. I had managed to get a table of six together and everyone showed up to play - albeit with a few latecomers, but it gave me time to play some practice hands with Gaetan, who hadn't played before.

We had a really good game, with plenty of repartee across the table. After last time, when I won fairly convincingly, I made an effort to be a bit more adventurous in my betting this time. That said, I think there was also more concentration around the table too, so it was a fairly well balanced game through most of the evening. Unfortunately though, after the wine was done, someone brought out the whisky...

As Bruce finally went all in and lost, it was down to me and Gaetan to play it out and I had a convincing lead in the chips... but then I can only think the alcohol really kicked in and I started betting on worthless hands; I started betting BIG on worthless hands. Within three hands the tables were turned and Gaetan had the bulk of the chips - admittedly from only very slightly less bad hands than I was playing - and he offered to split the pot.

So that's how the evening finished at around 1am. Gaetan and I took home £30 each and I resolved not to drink whisky while gambling again. Brett and I left the aftermath (pictured) to worry about in the morning. I'm already planning the next poker night!


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