Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Look into my mind

Last night I took part in a Market Research discussion group. One of the things we had to do in advance of the session was prepare a number of pictures to represent ourselves and the things that are important to us. Speaking to our lodger, Clare, later (who is in the MR business) this is apparently a really good way of getting a handle on people; seeing what images they use to represent themselves.

So here’s your chance to get more of a peek inside my head. Below are the photos I used, along with the commentary I used while presenting them. Leave a comment to tell me what you think it all tells you about me!


Firstly a picture of London that I took on my lunch hour today. Although I come from the north of England and have lived in several places here and abroad, I now live in London and love it here! The city has a wealth of things to do and see.


It isn’t all wonderful though: I don’t like the crowds or the rushing, particularly when I have to take the train to work.


Most days though I avoid the crowds by cycling to work (this is my bike). An added bonus of cycling is it helps me keep fit.


This is my desk at work, where I seem to spend most of my time! My laptop goes pretty much everywhere with me.


I’m a bit of a gadget freak. This is my MP3 player, it doesn’t go with me quite as often as my laptop, but it also represents my enjoyment of music.


This is most of the team I work with indulging in one of our strange rituals; The Croc. It’s a child’s toy where a different tooth each time causes the mouth to snap shut. We use it as a way of deciding who has to make the tea. It’s great fun; we have a nice relaxed atmosphere at work and they are a good bunch of people.


Outside of work, my friends are important to me and I enjoy my food. This is a recent picture of my partner, Brett, and I having dinner with a couple of friends whilst on holiday.

Photo by Michael Cheetham

I also enjoy singing with the London Gay Men’s Chorus; great fun, plus we get to travel from time to time which is another of the things I enjoy. This last photograph is as an example of that love; me off in an exotic location!


OK, so that’s it. What did your psychoanalysis get from reading between the lines…?


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