Thursday, December 29, 2005

Austin: The Lights of 37th Street

In Dallas they did it too, but I didn't see anything on quite the scale of Austin's 37th Street. Most of the residents had clearly gone to a lot of trouble to plan and construct their house's Christmas light display. Most of them seemed to have some kind of a theme (for no readily apparant reason) and would create tableaux or decorate household objects with lights.

This is the view from the end of the street:

This house had an aquatic theme to their display:

And this one was just SO over the top it left my jaw hanging. You were able to walk around the house, through the front and back gardens, to experience this pretty idea run-wild.

Here you see the corner of the house, festooned with sets of Christmas lamps still all lined up in their packaging and nailed to the wall...



I liked the simplicity of this one, although I hate to think how many strings of lights are involve and how much it would cost to run them.

Here's Brett, basking in the warmth given off by the lights.


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