Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dinner with Friends

Had dinner with a few friends last night. We were at The Laughing Gravy on Blackfriars Road, which is becoming a bit of a regular haunt. Nine people were able to make it in the end (Rosie had called-off as she wanted a quiet night in after all of her recent exertions)


It was good to see Rod & Jess again; the book business is going well (it being just before Christmas) so they are very busy – and then there’s the day job!


Dan (looking a little bored here!) is getting settled into his new job working for an investment group. It’s hard work as he is setting up their London office and so working long hours, but it looks like it’s going to be worth it.


Paul has had his teaching contract extended and he and David (who wasn’t there) are shortly celebrating their anniversary. He was also giving us some interesting tips on Housing Associations and shared purchasing options which we hadn’t considered before.


I didn’t get to talk to Ping much, but as we’d only had lunch together the previous day, I expect I already had all of his news.


Russell is busy with his new job, working on the edge of the political sphere near Westminster, while he and his partner Ed are sorting out their new house in Hampstead and standing for the local council.

John is in the country again for the near future and, as well as frittering away this last week that he had taken off, he’s planning on spending Christmas with his family.

It was a pleasant evening on the whole, catching up on the people I haven’t seen in a while and hearing everyone’s plans for Christmas.


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