Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thoughts on the Tube

Just a couple of thoughts from my journey home on the Tube last night. The first is that I notice the Bakerloo is celebrating its centenary this year.

Bakerloo Centenary

Hopefully some of the celebrations will involve improving the ride quality of the track so that every journey doesn’t come with free whiplash injuries thrown-in, or maybe the temperature in the cars can be improved so that when it’s 28°C in London it isn’t 32°C on the trains!

The second thought was something of pathos. I spotted this lady a little further along the train.

A story waiting to be told

She was very well dressed; wearing quite fancy shoes, she was well made up without being overdone, she had on some quite smart looking jewellery and all the way from Regents Park to beyond Waterloo she sipped a bottle of cheap lager and looked regally miserable.

She was a sight redolent of pathos and I so wanted to ask her if she was alright and if I could help, but the etiquette of the Tube and maybe some of that double-edged British reserve held me back. Now I’ll always wonder what happened to her when she arrived at her destination (surely it was Lambeth North, or was she really going on to Elephant and Castle??)

…But I’ll never know.

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