Sunday, July 02, 2006

EuroPride 2006 - before The Show


The Royal Albert Hall is a mightily impressive venue to perform in; quite apart from its size, the rows and rows of red-velvet-curtained boxes that line the hall make it feel very posh. Actually, despite the impressive appearance, the acoustic in the hall is dreadful and we relied totally on the sound system to hear ourselves.


This is a view from the choir stalls up by the (massive!) pipe organ down onto the stage; taken during the sound checking, you can see in the arena that they have a huge hydraulic lift set into the floor to move equipment up to the auditorium level.


Waiting around for your turn on stage is a hugely exciting time, as you can probably tell...


And when our turn finally came to sound-check we spent a while crammed together between the back of the stage set and banks of sound equipment while they worked out the timings for our cue to stage. Temperate approaching 30°C? Sixty people crammed into a tiny space? Standing next to bright stage lights? Being fanned with warm air from the sound kit? Nice!


After we'd done our checks on stage, we headed out into the fresh air to work on a few musical points - and entertain a few passing tourists.


Finally, here's a gratuitous shot of me in my favourite tour t-shirt.


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