Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Grange


OK, so above you have The Grange as seen from the cliff tops in Ramsgate. It's the building with the flag on. I managed to forget to take an external shot from within the grounds, but you get the idea...

You enter through this structure which leads you up to the porch.


Once inside you arrive in a double-height hall which unfortunately I don't have any decent photos of (my camera's lens just isn't 'wide-angle' enough to do it justice!). The main rooms of the house all lead off this hallway. Below you are looking from the Drawing Room into the Library,


And here looking back from the library towards the Drawing Room.



The above is a rather poor shot of about half of the Drawing Room, below is David setting the fire there on our first night and below that is Ping, later on that same night, taking his ease.



Here's the dining room; the table would comfortably seat ten.


Pugin was a devout Catholic, so if you are of a religious bent, there is a private chapel for you...


...not to mention you have a crucifix over the bed in Pugin's room and (not visible) a statue of the Virgin Mary!


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